NOW HIRING: Medical Lab Tech

We are seeking a Medical Laboratory Technician to join our team! You will be responsible for performing medical tests for the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases.


  • Analyze blood, and other bodily fluid samples from patients (20-50 samples/day)
  • Prepare samples for Alfa Wasserman Ace Axcel Clinical chemistry system, Beckman Coulter Access 2 immunoassay system, and CDS Medonic M-series (hematology analyzer)
  • Properly record results for further analysis and easy reference
  • Monitor inventory samples and supplies; troubleshoot and contact the vendor for any issues
  • Write SOPs, instrument manuals, calibration and maintenance for instruments based on the COLA/CLIA guidelines
  • Maintain a clean work environment
  • Work under the supervision of a Laboratory Manager

Required Qualifications

  • Previous experience as a clinical technician or in other related fields
  • Familiarity with common medical terminology
  • Experience in a medical laboratory setting
  • Strong organizational skills

Become a part of our growing practice, an opportunity to help improve the quality of life of the patients we care for. You would be expected to be independent, professional, and very knowledgeable in your field, and to come to us expecting to always put patient care first.

Why you should work for our company?

  1. Great work environment
  2. Quick advancement
  3. Schedule flexibility and fair pay

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