DNA Sequencing for Advanced Cancers

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At Personalized Hematology/Oncology of Wake Forest, under the care of Dr. Castillos, patients experience customized treatment plans and targeted therapies developed around their history of cancer treatments, their future health goals, and the genetic makings of their cancer tumors and cells. Our staff understands that whether to continue or seek new treatment for advanced cancers is a personal choice, one that is best made with as much information as possible. We hope to provide patients with all information scientifically available at this time through DNA sequencing regarding the genetic makeup of their cancer growths and their options for continued healing to ensure a sound decision for the patient and their loved ones.

Learn how DNA sequencing can be an option for late-stage cancer treatments and can help inform better decisions as you and your doctors decide what the best options are for treating your advanced cancer. 

DNA Sequencing for Late Stage Cancer

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