Careers in Hematology and Oncology

Looking for careers in hematology and oncology? At our practice, we employ clinical and office personnel who are experts in their field. Our mission is to provide compassionate and personalized care. We have created a work environment where you can distance yourself from the cold and clinical traditional practices. Instead of that, Personalized Hematology and oncology provides careers where patients and professionals can have a warm caring experience while being in the care of industry leaders.

We also possess state-of-the-art technology. Our on-site lab is fully Cola/Clia accredited, which is only maintained by keeping up to date with rigid standards every single day.

We’re Hiring!

Our current available positions are displayed below. We welcome inquiries from exceptional individuals who share our commitment to providing personalized and compassionate care. Contact us and visit our LinkedIn for further inquiries.

Please, send us your CV or resume to or fax to 919-562-0444.  Apply today and see what’s in store for you!


Perform medical tests for the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases. Work with our team analyzing patient blood and fluid samples.

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