FAQ: Genome Science for Cancer Treatment

How does genome testing compare to standard cancer testing?
Gene expression profiling test examines more than 20,000 genes in the tumor at once, compared to standard tests that look at only a set of genes at a time.

How will the test results be used?
The test results will go into our practice’s electronic medical record with your consent.  This information is used by the physician to make decisions about your treatment. All results are private and confidential.

What tumor types are being tested?
This test is being offered for all types of solid tumors.

How does the genome science for cancer test work?
The test will use fresh tumor samples from your original biopsy (primary or metastatic cores). For the initial assessment, the tumor sample must have more than 50% viable tumor cells in order to create a gene expression profile of your tumor tissue.

applying genome science for cancer treatment

We are pleased to work with Elsevier, a partner helping us advance the genome science for cancer treatment and the performance of cancer therapies. Read more about our collaboration.

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