Medical Oncology Services

Personalized Hematology-Oncology provides comprehensive oncology consultation for all types of cancer. Our expertise includes chemotherapy, molecular targeted therapies, and infusion administration while managing the patient’s doses, side effects and response to therapy.

Our Specialty Service: Molecular Expression Profiling

The core focus of our practice is to offer personalized cancer therapy – treatment tailored to your specific needs based on the gene expression profile found in your tumor.

We are experts in tumor gene expression profiling to determine how genes affect the way each cancer patient responds to drugs. With this crucial insight, our physicians are better able to plan true customized cancer care with the potential for offering the right drug, at the right time, to the right patient.

Treating Cancer With Genome Science

A gene expression profile analysis allows you and your physician to have the “blueprint” of your tumor and determine which drugs have the capacity to prevent tumor growth. Some gene expression profiles may indicate that a drug will be particularly effective, others may indicate your tumor is resistant to certain treatments, or your tumor may be found to have no treatment currently available.

This science gives you important information to make decisions about cancer treatment , participation in clinical trials, or not pursuing further therapy.

Genome science is changing the way oncologists approach cancer care

Affymetrix GeneChips
Microarrays are the most frequently used technology for genome-wide expression profiling. Affymetrix GeneChips (shown above) are most frequently used for expression profiling. Expression profiling by microarrays holds great promises for better understanding of diseases and identifying individualized treatment strategies.

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