Factors for Choosing an Infusion Center

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When prescribed infusion therapy, or intravenous (IV) therapy, patients can choose where they want to receive their infusions. Selecting an infusion center with high credentials and an emphasis on patient experience can significantly impact your overall outcomes.

Patients can select where to receive IV infusion therapy, so carefully evaluate the options to find the best fit for you. This article will discuss the important factors to consider when choosing an infusion center.

Infusion therapy overview

Infusion therapy is a way to deliver medication directly into the bloodstream through a needle or catheter. Physicians usually prescribe this method of medication delivery for a few reasons.

Many of the newest medications are often made from living cells and can only be given by infusion. Sometimes patients cannot take oral medication, so infusion therapy is a good option. Other times, the digestive system reduces the effectiveness of the drug or it must be administered at a controlled pace. IV infusion therapy is the best option in these cases.

Infusion therapy normally occurs in a clinical outpatient setting, like a doctor’s office, hospital or infusion center. It is administered by a nurse who carefully monitors to ensure patient safety and no adverse reaction to the treatment.

The length of time for an infusion varies depending on the medication and your condition. It could range from 30 minutes to several hours.

Patients who are undergoing IV infusions should look for these factors when choosing an infusion center:

1. Offers a full range of infusion drugs

Infusion therapy is used to treat many different conditions. There are a broad assortment of medications that require delivery through the veins (intravenous) or under the skin (subcutaneous). Choosing a facility that delivers the medication you need is a must.

Some of the conditions that require infusion therapy include:

Personalized Hematology-Oncology’s infusion center treats patients with many diseases using leading-edge infusion medications. We add new infusion drugs as they become available.

2. Has highly trained and experienced staff

Look for an infusion center and staff with years of experience offering infusion therapy. Safe and effective infusion therapy must be delivered by specially trained medical experts. They must be knowledgeable about equipment, how medications interact and possible side effects.

While side effects and adverse reactions are rare, it is best to receive infusions where experienced doctors and nurses are close by and available. Also, check to ensure the attending physician is board-certified and has experience providing infusions.

Personalized Hematology-Oncology has served patients in the Triangle area with infusion therapy for more than a decade. Our board-certified oncologist, hematologist and medical internists carefully monitor treatments. They ensure our medical staff are well trained on the latest medicines and delivery models.

Though reactions to medicines are not common, we always have specially trained nurses and doctors present in case of an adverse reaction.


“Dr. Castillo and his staff are fantastic! He is personable, along with having a great depth of experience in patient care. He also is well-versed in current research for cancer patient treatments.”

3. Provides patient-centered care

Each patient’s disease and journey are different. Finding an infusion center that prioritizes patient-centered care is vital to obtaining the best outcome.

Patient-centered care providers work with you and your family to ensure you have the education and support you need to make informed decisions. It also emphasizes the importance of medical decisions that respect your wants, needs and preferences.

Infusion therapy generally occurs over a series of visits, some of which may be lengthy and/or frequent. Ensure the infusion therapy center you choose focuses on providing care with your preferences in mind. Patient-centered care emphasizes the importance of your role in your care, which benefits the overall treatment experience and outcome.

As an independent medical center, Personalized Hematology-Oncology focuses on providing top-notch, individualized medical care. Our physicians take the time needed to meet with patients, explain treatments and answer questions.


“Dr. Castillos and staff [were] amazing! He is knowledgeable and caring. It’s one of the few places that I’ve been in a LONG time where I felt like I mattered. They made me feel very comfortable throughout the whole process.”

4. Offers convenience and comfort

When choosing an infusion center for medical treatment, the little things matter. This includes location, parking, scheduling ease and your comfort with the infusion nurses and facility. It is easier to focus on healing when you’re in a welcoming and comfortable environment where the staff knows you.

Private practice infusion centers usually provide greater scheduling flexibility and comfortable amenities than hospitals for infusion treatments.

Personalized Hematology-Oncology strives to go above and beyond the benefits of standard infusion centers. Our clean, calming and comforting environment features comfortable recliners, natural light and other amenities to make the experience as easy as possible.

We accept new patients immediately instead of making them wait weeks for treatment, like larger medical systems. We also offer same-day infusion appointments and appointments on Saturdays to best fit you and your family’s schedules.

Our comfortable infusion center is conveniently located for patients throughout Raleigh, Wake Forest, Durham and the Triangle area.


“Wonderful. Great staff. Professional, friendly, informative, knowledgeable, attentive. The facility is immaculate. You feel like you matter. It’s an inviting atmosphere.”


“I was very impressed by Dr. Castillo’s knowledge. I’m new to the area and needed iron infusions. My level was so low that I needed a total of four infusions, one every other day. Their hours allow for flexibility to come in at different times. The staff are wonderful, which makes going there pleasant.”

5. Provides cost-effective infusion therapy

The cost of infusion therapy is an important factor for patients and their families. When considering an infusion center, check to see if they accept your insurance. Then, ask what the cost for the treatment will be at that facility. Infusion therapy at a hospital may cost twice as much as therapy at an infusion center in your community.

Personalized Hematology-Oncology accepts many insurances. You can find the full list here. We also have a list of other financial resources to look into if you need help covering the cost of treatments.

6. Utilizes the most advanced infusion technology

Technological advances in medicine have changed drastically in the past decade. Choose an infusion center that utilizes current and new technologies to treat patients. Innovative treatment options through new technology can enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of your infusion therapy.

Personalized Hematology-Oncology offers patients a state-of-the-art infusion center with cutting-edge infusion medications. We are constantly adding to our list of medications to meet the needs of our patients.


“I have been with Dr. Castillos for just over a year. Not only is he engaged completely with my wife and me during our appointments, but he genuinely wants what is best for me. Coming from another oncologist that had me feeling hopeless with my health condition, Dr. Castillos is completely different. He has explained several options and has told me the fight is far from over. What a relief!! He is willing to look into every new treatment option coming out of FDA approval and utilize whatever is available for the best outcome for my condition. I have zero apprehension regarding my future outlook since becoming a patient of his practice. Wish I had found him at the start of my cancer journey.”


Choosing an infusion center in Raleigh, NC

As you think about the aspects of choosing an infusion center, consider the factors above. Make sure the infusion center you choose provides the therapy you need. It should also offer insurance coverages or acceptable options for payment. Check out the center’s website to evaluate their leadership and staff experience and expertise.

Ask the center if they offer patient-centered care that considers your preferences and wants during treatment. Carefully observe the facility when you visit to see if you feel safe and comfortable receiving treatment there. Also, discuss what technology they use and if they are current with new medical breakthroughs.

Personalized Hematology-Oncology strives to provide excellent, patient-centered, cutting-edge treatment for patients in our comfortable and convenient infusion center. We offer flexible scheduling and can often accommodate same-day appointments. We would be honored to discuss your treatment needs with you.

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