Primary Care

It’s important to take a proactive approach when it comes to your health, and a primary care provider can serve as your partner to maintaining your overall health and wellness. We offer primary care and remarkably quick lab testing.

As a Board Certified Internal Medicine physician, Dr. Castillos is the primary care doctor for many of our patients. We listen and respond to our patients’ needs while ensuring that each patient gets recommended medical screenings and health risk assessments.

We routinely see patients for annual physicals, routine blood work, treatment of minor illnesses, care for chronic conditions, screening for disease, vaccinations, seasonal flu shots and other primary healthcare needs. If necessary, we’ll assist you in getting referrals to other medical specialists.

It’s important to regularly visit your physician for check-ups to prevent the onset of chronic conditions or disease. Schedule an appointment to get started.

Comfortable yellow chairs with medical machines next to them representing our warm primary care practices as well as our lab testing

Primary Care for Cancer Survivors

Thanks to advancements in cancer treatments, the number of cancer survivors is on the rise. In fact, there’s projected to be more than 20 million cancer survivors by 2026.

After men and women conquer cancer, they still need to focus on long-term health to lead healthy lives and keep other issues such as cardiovascular disease, hypertension or diabetes in check. A primary care doctor is the main provider of care for adult cancer survivors and can diagnose and treat these issues.

Since Dr. Castillos works closely with cancer patients and cancer survivors on a daily basis, he understands the unique needs of patients as they move forward into their everyday lives, and he takes pride in helping survivors stay healthy and happy.

Laboratory Services

We offer same-day appointments for comprehensive blood testing.

Our on-site laboratory includes state-of-the-art chemistry equipment, enabling our technicians to provide quick lab results while you wait. We do all biochemistry testing in house, so physicians can prescribe or adjust a patient’s treatment plan without unnecessary delays.

Offering expert cancer care, treatment for blood disorders, primary care and while-you-wait lab testing. Schedule your appointment today.

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