7 Secrets to a Socially-Distanced Holiday Season

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Every holiday season should be full of cheer, love, spirit, sweets, family and friends. While in previous years, we were able to visit our close family and friends, 2020 has shaken the world. Due to COVID-19, health officials highly suggest that everyone, especially immunocompromised individuals, stay home to ensure their safety and health. While this experience is new for many people, immunocompromised individuals with pre-existing medical issues like cancer, other conditions, and the elderly have experience spreading holiday cheer while socially distant. This year, even if you’re immunocompromised and facing higher chances of getting sick and higher odds of having life-threatening situations due to the virus, there are ways to enjoy the 2020 holiday season!

How to safely enjoy your 2020 holiday season

With the holidays approaching, we are all ready to celebrate. But, before you start decking the halls and rocking around the Christmas tree, you need to make sure you have a strategy for staying healthy and safe this holiday season. That is why we created this guide to staying social (even if immunocompromised) this holiday season! 

Handwritten Christmas cards

Sending out holiday cards is commonplace, though personalizing them is not these days. If you’re looking to connect this season, send more than a well-lit family photo. Enjoy sharing handwritten letters and small crafts with those you love! No one to write? You should join the penpal community. People of all ages are hopping on this trend.

While scrolling through social media, you may have noticed that many senior citizen homes have elderly patients wanting to find a penpal to stay social and busy during these challenging times. This hobby is 100 percent safe since you are not meeting in person. Plus, who doesn’t enjoy meeting new people and sharing stories? The penpal community has trending hashtags and pages on Facebook and Instagram to help you find the right penpal.

Join an online class

Want to grow your community of like-minded individuals this holiday season? Then, you need to sign up for an online class! There are a ton of online courses out there. Whether you are looking to learn a new hobby, an academic course, or gain a professional skill, you will find something out there for you. Taking a class is the perfect opportunity to make new friends with your classmates, professors or teachers as you network for a brighter 2021. You never know; you may find your new best friend while class is in session. 

Virtual holiday parties

While in-person holiday parties are not happening, virtual parties are perfectly safe for everyone! Children can laugh over traditional holiday spoofs and enjoy snowy camera filters, while adults may choose to order matching wine sets and enjoy them in unison. You get to see family and friends you haven’t seen in a while, as well as spoil yourself with the usual delicious seasonal treats. You can invite everyone to dress up, eat snacks, play games and just celebrate the night away. The holiday spirit will still be there over video!

A young pair of children's hands knits to stay engaged during the holiday season

Join a crafting community on the web

The holiday season is always full of crafting. Adults can find a ton of pages and groups on Facebook that will help you not only learn how to do specific crafts but make friends along the way! If you’re looking to entertain a child this holiday season, whether immunocompromised due to cancer or any other diseases or conditions, there are online crafting communities for kids. In the comfort of your own home, your child can be a part of a holiday crafting camp with the DoSeum. Your children will stay busy all holiday season with loads of crafts they have to offer.

Virtual Christmas caroling

Singing Christmas carols always brings out the holiday spirit. Since you can’t go house to house, have a night full of virtual Christmas carols. In 2020, ringing someone’s cellphone is just as disruptive as knocking on their front door! Ring up close family and friends to sing them a few songs. If you feel brave, you can even start a live stream on social media for others to join in. This activity is great for kids who love spreading holiday cheer as well as smiles and memories and don’t forget to take screenshots! 

Host Secret Santa through the mail

You do not have to give up on sharing the holiday cheer with gifts this year. Instead, you can join in on a holiday favorite — Secret Santa. There are groups on social media that are distributing names for you to jump on the secret gift exchange. Gift exchanges are a great way to meet a slew of new people in one fell swoop! However, if you find your group online, be wary of giving residential shipping addresses to strangers.

Take a literal holiday

Even with travel restrictions and other barriers in place this year, you can still enjoy safe traveling thanks to some vacation rentals. This idea is excellent if you are looking to shake up your holiday by getting out of the house but stay socially-distant. Many rentals decorate for the holidays as well, offering extra cheer for seasonal guests. Professional crews not only clean but disinfect the home between each group of guests to ensure you feel safe this Christmas. 

Staying safe while immunocompromised in Raleigh

Just because you have immunocompromised health issues or choose to protect your loved ones this holiday does not mean you have to compromise on not connecting with people. Follow our secrets for holiday cheer, and you will find at least one if not two ways to stay engaged in your community. Don’t be afraid to try out something new this holiday season; you never know what lifelong friends you could make along the way. For more specific information regarding your diagnosis and safety practices this holiday season, contact our office directly.


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