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Personalized Hematology/Oncology of Wake Forest is proud to offer many services, however our Infusion Center is one of our newest and most impactful endeavors.  Certified Infusion Centers are changing the face of healthcare especially for patients suffering from long-term conditions that benefit from the use of injection or infusion therapy.

As you can see, many patients benefit from treatment with infusion therapy and choosing a provider outside of a hospital facility can lower costs and add an increased level of comfort to your experience. Our office provides same-day appointments for infusions, as well as an on-site lab in the event you require any further testing. Dr. Castillos specializes in Hematology and Oncology, but also serves our community as a primary care physician, often tending to the entire family of his oncology patients.

Well known in the community as a hospitalist, Dr. Castillos has a reputation of returning patient calls and taking vitals himself, a physician truly devoted to the entire experience for his patients. He and his partner, wife Dr. Castillos, demonstrate true customer service as they search for oncology and infusion trials for patients not finding success through conventional methods. The entire PHO staff has gone above and beyond many times to help patients schedule required appointments during the early days of diagnosis, as well as ensuring their medication can be acquired affordably. There is no length our team deems too far for the best outcomes our patients can receive.

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